Instructions for use Dietonus

Indications for the use of Dietonus

Instructions for use for Dietonus capsules

Dietonus capsules are intended for people in Spain who have difficulty losing weight for various reasons:

  • No time to train.
  • Diets only lead to depression and breakdowns.
  • A slagging of the body does not enable long-term sustainable weight loss.
  • Your result does not correspond to the effort.
  • Appetite disorder, it is difficult to control hunger.
  • Excess weight leaves, but not from problem areas.
  • The body is in a state of stress due to the disruption of the natural biorhythm.

Dietonus helps you lose weight without stress, without disturbances, without exercise and without dietary restrictions. The guaranteed result that you get every week is a loss of at least 2-3 pounds. The result is visible in a few days!

Use of Dietonus capsules

Dietonus offers a complex three-phase treatment based on your daily biorhythm. Therefore the capsules have different colors. Take them with a glass of liquid three times a day before meals.

  • Morning (white capsule)
    In the morning you need to quickly wake the body, give strength, speed up the metabolism and set the necessary tone.
  • Tag (red capsule)
    During the day we need energy to work hard and to show maximum mental and physical activity. Fat burning processes at altitude.
  • Evening (blue capsule)
    Now you have to adjust to the resting phase. The nervous system calms down, appetite is suppressed, but the processes of burning fat continue during sleep. At the same time, the body is actively rid of toxins, toxins and excess fluid.

Day after day you repeat the cycle of taking capsules of different colors, sending your body a signal at the right moment, which it understands in the form of a natural chemical formula in the Dietonus capsule.

The recommended duration of use is 30 days.

Be careful

Professional slimming product Dietonus has a completely natural composition and therefore no contraindications. However, it should be remembered that each organism is individual. If you feel unwell after taking the capsules, you should consult a dietitian.

Be careful if you have already noticed the negative effects of the components in the preparation. Allergic reactions are possible.

If you have lost more than 5 kilograms per week while taking the capsules, you should stop taking the medicine and take a break.

Despite the fact that there are almost no contraindications, in all cases follow the instructions for use.